Public Communication and Crisis Management

RSSI is frequently asked to assist clients in communicating during radiological crises.  When a radiological issue causes concern, RSSI works with clients' public relations staff to communicate clear and accurate information to a non-technical audience.  Empathy and understanding of the public's concern can make a genuine crisis less threatening.  When hazards are perceived, candor is essential in maintaining the public's trust.  Honesty, ethical behavior, and an understanding of public response are essential to desirable public relations outcomes during crises.  RSSI has worked with crises as varied as lost radioactive sources and devices, worker's overexposure to radiation, the release of millions of liters of contaminated liquid, and wide-spread contamination of real estate and property.  For more information on having RSSI assist you with public communication and crisis management, please call 847-965-1999.

To learn more about RSSI's public communication and crisis management abilities, please contact us.


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