Alpha Spectroscopy

Alpha spectroscopy is used to both identify and quantify alpha-emitting radionuclides.  This technique is particularly valuable when the sample is small or when the gamma abundance is low.  The quantity of an alpha emitting radionuclide in a sample is frequently too small to identify by other methods in air monitoring, bioassay, and environmental samples.

Most alpha-emitting isotopes are in the naturally occurring uranium, thorium, and actinium series.  Some have lower atomic numbers and others are man-made radionuclides.  The limits that apply to these alpha emitting radionuclides vary widely and radionuclide identification is needed to determine safety and compliance.  Alpha spectroscopy is frequently the only method capable of making this identification.  Standard turnaround time is 5 business days and 24 hour turnaround is available if needed.

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