Laboratory Certificates

Individual Certificates


Additionally, the certificates listed below are available on request.  Please contact us for more information.

Jurisdiction Certificate Type Certificant Certificate #
Indiana Radon Laboratory Tester Eli Port RTL00686
Iowa Radon Measurement Laboratory RSSI L00005
Kansas Radon Laboratory RSSI KS-LB-0016
Radon Measurement Technician Eli Port KS-MS-0297
Maine Radon Service Provider RSSI LAB101
Minnesota Radon Analysis Laboratory RSSI RL-00014
Nebraska Radon Measurement Business RSSI RMB-1126
Radon Measurement Specialist Eli Port 298
Ohio Radon Laboratory RSSI RL17

Radon Laboratory Analysis, Firm

RSSI 1246
Radon Laboratory Analysis, Individual Eli Port 1831
Rhode Island Radon Analytical Services RSSI ATD00017



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