Radiation Safety Program Design

If you are a new licensee or registrant, you need a radiation safety program designed for maximum effectiveness with a minimum burden on regulated activities.  The health and safety of your workers and the public is always the foremost objective and easily audited regulatory compliance is essential in each radiation safety program that RSSI develops.  

Each radiation safety program that RSSI develops includes:

  • Safety procedures,

  • Dosimetry and personnel monitoring,

  • Radiation survey schedules,

  • Selection of proper radiation detection instruments,

  • Radioactive waste management and disposal,

  • ALARA program,

  • Record keeping methods,

  • Radiation safety training,

  • Signage, posting, and labeling requirements,

  • Procedures for receiving radioactive material,

  • Radioactive material inventory,

  • Instruction on DOT shipping regulations,

  • Emergency procedures, and

  • Cost-effective waste management.

If you are interested in having RSSI design or redesign your radiation safety program, please contact us.

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