RSSI History

RSSI was founded in 1975 by Herman Cember and Eli Port, two Certified Health Physicists and leaders in the field of radiation safety consulting.  RSSI's first, one-room office, was in Evanston, Illinois.  RSSI's first services were cost-effective management and staffing of client radiation safety programs.  In the 1980s, consulting in regulatory affairs and intervention were added.  Laboratory services, starting with survey meter calibration and leak test analysis, were also added in the 1980s.  These services were initially provided in a space separate from the office.

In 1989, RSSI moved to its current facilities in Morton Grove, Illinois.   This provided needed space for staff and permitted more complete laboratory services.  Since moving to Morton Grove, RSSI has been able to provide high-resolution gamma spectroscopy and low-background alpha and beta counting.  Instrument calibration services are now performed for charged and uncharged particles and gamma exposure up to 40 R/hr.  The move to Morton Grove also provided facilities needed to manufacture and analyze RSSI's large-volume alpha track radon detector.

Today, RSSI continues to be a national leader in radiation safety and radiological health.  Clients and regulatory agencies recognize our licensing and device registration initiatives as advancing the industry.  Our radon detector exceeds all performance standards for alpha track devices; our calibration service is used by government agencies; and our laboratory services have met the requirements of all agencies using data we supply.

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