Alpha / Beta Counting Services

Many types of samples are suitable for analysis by low-cost alpha/beta internal proportional counting.  This method is preferred for source leak tests, air monitoring samples, and surface contamination wipes.  For samples where the radionuclide is known or where gross counts are sufficient, alpha/beta internal proportional analysis provides rapid results with the lowest analysis costs.  Samples are analyzed within 24 hours of receipt and reports can be provided the day of analysis.

Typical MDAs:

Alpha:   4.0x10-2 Bq (1.1x10-6 μCi)
Cs-137: 1.3
x10-1 Bq (3.4x10-6 μCi)
H-3:      1.4 Bq (3.9
x10-5 μCi)

For more information about using RSSI's laboratory services for alpha and beta counting, please contact us.

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