Leak Test Reports, Explained

The above Sealed Source Leak Test Analysis Report is a sample.

Regarding the header fields:

  • The Facility Address fields (Company/Organization Name, Street Address (multiple lines available), City/State/Zip is the address of the facility where the sealed sources and/or devices were located.

  • The Telephone, FAX, and E-mail fields are for the contact person in case we have any questions regarding the samples or need to notify you of a leaking source.

  • The License Number field is the license number, if applicable, of the facility.

  • The Person Submitting Samples is the person who took the swabs of the sealed sources and/or devices.

  • The Date Sample Collected is the date the samples were taken.

  • The Send Results To fields are the address of the recipient for the report.  This does not have to be the same as the facility address.

  • The ATTN field is to whom the report is addressed.  This does not have to be the person submitting samples.

Regarding the results fields:

  • The RSSI Sample Number field is a sequential index for samples run on our planchet counter.

  • The Client Reference field is whatever the client has identified the sample as.  This field can be a client-specific serial number, the device or source serial number, or a term.  It does not have to be unique.  If left blank on the information sheet submitted with the samples, the source (or device) serial number will be used.

  • The Radionuclide field contains the radionuclide of the device.  In the event of multiple sources within a single housing, even of differing radionuclides, each source will have its own row, though with the same RSSI Sample Number.

  • The Activity field is the activity of the source in millicuries (mCi).

  • The Source Calibration Date is the date the source was calibrated, which may not necessarily be known.  In some cases, only the month and year are known.

  • The Device Manufacturer field is the manufacturer of the device.

  • Device Model Number, Device Serial Number, and Source Serial Number are all specific to a given device, where the serial numbers are usually unique.  Not all may be known.

  • The Results field specifies the results in microcuries (µCi).  Less-than values (e.g. <1.0×10-6) indicate a result less than the lower limit of detection for that radionuclide.  In the case of alpha- and beta-emitting sources located in a single housing, both alpha- and beta- results can be shown as they use different channels.

Regarding the footer:

  • The text contains information regarding the licensing of RSSI's lab, the identity of the instrument used, the last calibration date and background values, information regarding leaking sources, clarification on the use of the less-than symbol ("<"), and notes regarding contact in case of a leaking source.

  • The Analyzed By field (and Signature block) are the identity of the analyst at RSSI.

  • The Date is the date the report was generated, which is usually within 5 business days of receipt and/or analysis.

  • The Page shows the number of pages in a report.

  • The small text below the Analyzed By field is the RSSI Sample Number range in the report.


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