Radon Measurement Professionals

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) Division of Nuclear Safety licenses radon measurement and mitigation professionals and technicians who perform radon measurements or mitigations in the State of Illinois per 32 Illinois Administrative Code 422.

Radon measurements performed by a licensed professional or technician are required for:

  • Commercial daycare facilities;[1]

  • Schools;

  • Commercial or industrial properties; and

  • Multifamily structures if being tested by a management company.

A homeowner can always test their own property themselves.  This includes home daycares.  Employees or tenants can always test their own work or living space, but those results are not binding on an employer, landlord, or management company.

RSSI employs multiple IEMA-certified radon measurement professionals who can test your commercial building, school, single- or multi-family home.  We have tested large industrial facilities, commercial daycares (both stand-alone and within schools), museums, laboratories, and rental residences.

Our tests can run as short as 8 days or as long as a year and are performed with either RSSI's AT-101 or AT-102 alpha-track radon detectors, as appropriate.  These detectors are manufactured and analyzed at RSSI in Morton Grove, IL.  By using RSSI's accredited devices and an RSSI IEMA-certified radon measurement professional, shipping costs or delays between detector retrieval and laboratory submission are avoided.  Delays in transit to laboratories can affect radon measurements with any device.

For facilities requiring short-term scheduling, the ideal deployment period would start on a Monday with retrieval scheduled ten days later on the following Thursday.  Please note that retrieval cannot be scheduled for a Friday. Though a deployment period can be as short as 8 days, we suggest testing as long as possible.

For more information on working with RSSI for your radon measurement needs, please contact us.

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