Information for Radon Professionals

RSSI Alpha-track radon detectors are ideal for professionals.  There are two types of RSSI alpha-track radon detectors to choose from, RSSI Alpha-track AT-101 and RSSI Alpha-track AT-102.  Unless specified, either detector design can be used.  If you require assistance choosing the best detector for your project, please contact us.

Professional Home Testers

  • When short-term real estate results are above 4 pCi/L, results from a 90-day Alpha-track radon test can be used to release funds held in escrow.

  • Mitigators can offer their customers yearlong Alpha-track radon testing to verify that their work is operating effectively.

Health Departments

  • Data for radon detectors purchased by health departments can be supplied in formats that enable customer data management.

  • Customized instructions for RSSI Alpha-track radon test kits can meet specific local requirements.


  • RSSI Alpha-track radon detectors placed for the entire school year accurately assess student and faculty health risks.

  • RSSI Alpha-track AT-101 radon detectors can also be used for shorter testing periods allowing for radon levels to be measured with only a single weekend of HVAC system operation. Please  contact us for assistance in your short-term measurement needs.

Multi-unit Facilities

  • RSSI Alpha-track radon detectors are cost effective for testing of apartment complexes, commercial buildings, and military bases.  Customized instructions and electronic reports enable efficient data management.

  • Property managers can test in many states using Alpha-track radon devices without being certified or licensed.

Uranium Prospecting

  • RSSI Alpha-track radon detectors are efficient and cost-effective for Uranium surveys.


Packaging and Detector Options:

Do-it-Yourself Test Kits as described on the Radon Test Kit page are designed for use by homeowners or professionals.  These are AT-101 detectors.  Test results can be sent to you and/or directly to the homeowner.  Do-it-Yourself AT-101 radon test kits are also available in cases of 50 detector kits.

List prices:

Do-it-Yourself KitsCost Each
1 - 5$28.00
6 - 49 $25.00
50 - 150 (1 - 3 cases)$20.00
200+ (4+ cases) $17.50

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Professional Packaging (also called bulk packaging) for AT-101 detectors is a cost-effective option for large-scale radon testing projects and for professional testers.  Individually packaged in cases of 25 detectors, professional packaging includes detectors and a tracking form.  Data submission to RSSI is by electronic spreadsheet.  Results are sent only to the mailing contact as listed on the received spreadsheet.  Please contact us for special arrangements.

List prices:
Cases of AT-101 detectors Cost per Case
1-3 (25-75 detectors) $325 ($13 per detector)
4-49 (100-1225 detectors)$300 ($12 per detector)
50+ (1250+ detectors)$275 ($11 per detector)

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Private Labeling: RSSI can customize both its radon test kits and professional packaging to promote your organization.  This could involve promotional literature, detector and package labeling, and customized report forms with your name and logo.  Customization only applies to AT-101 detectors.  Please contact us for more information.


RSSI's AT-102 radon detectors employ the same high-quality radon-detection material and analysis process as our AT-101 detectors but with a new, lighter outer housing.  The AT-102 is a low-cost, compact, filtered radon detector packed in pouches of 5 detectors.  This packaging offers a cost-effective option for large-scale radon testing projects and for professional testers. Each AT-102 detector is individually serialized.

RSSI's AT-102 Alpha-track radon detectors are available in sealed pouches containing 5 detectors and are designed for use by measurement professionals.  Data submission regarding deployment and reporting is by electronic spreadsheet.  Results are sent only to the mailing contact as listed on the received spreadsheet. 

List prices:
Pouches of AT-102 detectors Cost per Pouch
1-39 (5-195 detectors) $45 ($9 per detector)
40-199 (200-995 detectors)$41.25 ($8.25 per detector)
200+ (1000+ detectors)$37.50 ($7.50 per detector)

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